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    在学习、工作或生活中,大家都接触过作文吧,作文一定要做到主题集中,围绕同一主题作深入阐高中生作文大全,切忌东拉西扯初中作文高中生作文大全,主题涣散甚至无主题。相信许多人会觉得作文很难写吧,以下是小编整理的A SPECIAL FACT英语作文高中生作文大全,欢迎阅读与收藏。

    Of course in the whole wild world, there is only one place which is the coldest; and that is in Antarctica.

    It was a beautiful fact that once or twice a year, there was going to be a big parade; now nobody has ever heard of that story; but let me tell you all about it.

    After a day or two, the magnificent magician of the great London was ready to travel for its reward of saving the town from a dangerous earthquake. After that, he helped the poor people recover and saved a lot of townspeople that were suffering for life.

    When he was sick of that place, he decided to change another place to enjoy his life, so he took a plane. When he opened his eyes, he found himself in the North Pole. There he rested and enjoyed his life. When it was time to go and find another place, he decided to go to its opposite; Antarctica. He was very, very, very excited.

    The plane took off again. It was quite a long trip, but when they finally landed on land, the man was so excited that he switched on his clothes immediately and went to play.

    He was having a very good time; at last he chose his place.

    He went to the manager of the airport, and said that he could rest because he had finished his work in finding his place of life.

    He was very glad, and when he was ready to build his home, he thought about the penguins. He had had a good time with them. At last he finished building his house. He had made friends with the penguins too.

    he 高中生作文大全
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